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Suvirinimo aparatas | inverterterinis | MMA 140A

  • Suvirinimo aparatas | inverterterinis | MMA 140A

    Kodas: YT-81355
    Kaina 11550  su PVM
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    Suvirinimo aparatas | inverterterinis | MMA 140A
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  • YT-81355 MMA 140A INVERTER WELDING MACHINE Mark Yato Symbol YT-81355 Type of welding machine IGBT Max. welding current 140 A Min. welding current 30A Tension 230 V a.c. Frequency 50/60 Hz Power factor 0.73 Dimensions 267x128x207mm Electrode diameter 1.6~3.2mm Duty cycle 15% Power source efficiency 80% CPU processor Yes VRD voltage reduction system Yes Arch stabilization Yes Hot start Yes Display type LED Display range 999 Overheating protection Yes Short circuit protection function Yes Possibility of power supply from a generator Yes Winding insulation class F Electrical insulation class AND Level of security IP21 Mass 3.97 kg Set contents welding machine, mass holder 150 A, 1.2 m (10 mm2), electrode holder 200 A, 1.8 m (10 mm2), power cable 2.4 m, shoulder strap Application welding with coated electrodes (MMA method) - acidic and basic direct current - steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and others. Welding method MMA MMA 140A inverter welding machine based on the latest generation IGBT transistors. It uses a breakthrough solution on the welding equipment market in the form of a specially designed microprocessor that independently manages the entire welding process. The reduction of logical circuits and the original method of sampling the welding current not only reduce the failure rate of the device, but above all make the welding process itself much easier. The ease of obtaining a high-quality weld is appreciated by both professionals and people with little experience. The microprocessor designed by our factory and manufactured in Taiwan is based on the ARM4 architecture, using 55nm technology, clocked at 200Mhz in 32-bit. It allows you to control the latest generation transistors at speeds of up to 70Khz, which is almost twice as fast as in comparable devices. It has a proprietary solution for analyzing welding parameters at a speed of approximately two hundred million times per second. It eliminates the need to install additional systems for functions such as ARC FORCE, ANTI STICK or HOT START. The lack of additional systems means that the impact of interference generated in the current transformation process on the welding quality is marginal and not noticeable to the user. Hot start When the electrode is placed on the material being welded, the welder increases the welding current for a fraction of a second, which makes it much easier to ignite the arc. The YT-81355 model does not have built-in parameter adjustments for this function. They are pre-set to the most popular type of electrodes on the market, i.e. rutile electrodes. Arc force Regulates the arc dynamics depending on the distance of the electrode from the welded element. The multi-tasking microprocessor used in YT-81355 examines welding parameters approximately two hundred million times per second. Measurement results are analyzed in real time. Then, by controlling the transistors at a speed of up to 70 thousand times per second, it increases or decreases the welding current. Everything happens in a fraction of a second, and the goal of these activities is to obtain the best quality welding source for a given current setting. The YT-81355 model does not have built-in parameter adjustments for this function. They are pre-set to the most popular type of electrodes on the market, i.e. rutile electrodes. Anti stick It cuts off the welding current when the electrode is short-circuited, which allows the electrode to be separated from the welded material. VRD The function reduces the no-load voltage from approximately 60V to a level that is safe for humans. Despite its significant security impact, the feature is often deactivated by users. The reason for such actions are problems with striking the arc, especially among people with little experience. Most inverter welders measure the output current using analog sensors, which, in short, lengthens the response time and, consequently, makes it more difficult to ignite the arc. The microprocessor in the YT-81355 does it differently. It generates a waveform with a frequency of approximately 200 MHz in the welding current circuit. In real time, it examines waveform deformations that vary depending on a given welding stage. The moment the electrode touches the welded element is detected in a fraction of a second, then the VRD function is turned off and at the same time HOT START starts working. The problem of arc ignition does not occur. The YT-81355 model has the VRD function permanently enabled. Overload and overheating protection (fan on demand) The microprocessor in the YT-81355 checks the temperature of critical components in real time. Depending on the temperature, it first controls the fan speed, but when the temperature reaches too high, the microprocessor smoothly reduces the output current, which allows for electrode burning or controlled termination of the weld. In most welding machines on the market, the moment of overheating means the immediate shutdown of the welding current, which often results in the need to make mechanical corrections to the welded elements. This problem does not occur on YT-81355
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